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Making Maxim's Village

I wouldn't change you for the world, but I would change the world for you-

This quote is one of our family mottos. When we were first told that Maxim has autism, right around the time he was 3, we knew this would be something we would spend a lifetime doing. No matter how hard or how long, we would make sure the world would see Maxim, not just for his diagnosis, but for all of the joy, beauty, laughter, and insight he brings into it and to anyone lucky enough to know him.

In those very first moments after Max’s diagnosis, those moments where the world seemed to stand still and with each heartbeat a new question or thought pulsed through my mind, there was one that slowly worked itself to the forefront. It was both a thought and a prayer that I continue to say to this day. “Let them see more than just a diagnosis. Let the world know who he is and all he can be.”

My heart continually whispers, “Don’t just let them see a child who is melting down, but a boy with a great big heart and very big feelings in need of compassion.”

“Don’t just let them see someone who looks different because he is rocking, but a child calmly regulating his body in a positive way.”

I don’t just want the world to see a novelty who can name just about any car that drives by, but a boy with a beautiful mind capable of so much creativity, ingenuity, and passion that it is impossible not to be inspired by him. You see, we don’t just want the world to see a boy who has ‘Autism,’ but a boy named Maxim who has So Much to share if only you take the time to let him.

As we share our journey of loving Maxim and all the other crazy, magnificent mayhem that comes along with our family of 5, our hope is to create a community that will surround Max with the same passion, acceptance, and love that he shares with the world. We are making Maxim’s village, people who see the gifts in all those who have different abilities, and we hope if you stumble across our site that you join us!

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