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Autism to the Max was created to share our family’s story, but also to hear yours! We hope that stories about families raising children with special needs become as much a part of the internet as the stories of families with typically developing children. 

What We Are Looking For

If you would like to share a story please send it in! If you have special needs or love someone who does, we would love to feature your story in our blog. Posts should be related to special needs or caregiving. Nothing is really off limits, but hate speech or hurtful words won’t be tolerated. We hope to feature posts that bring truth, honesty, and/or encouragement.

You don’t have to share only the good times. It’s ok to write about the challenges too. Sometimes hearing about the challenges others face and knowing we are not alone is the most helpful of all.

Our goal is to lift each other up in the telling of our stories and let each person know that no matter what they are going through, good or bad, they are not alone.

Paper Stack and Pencil

Here's What To Do


  • Please attach a possible title, and if you are comfortable a picture.


  • At the end of your story, please include the following statement that says you are “submitting the story for use on the website and grant permission for the story and any pictures attached to be posted.” You can cut and paste the statement in quotes if it is easier.


  • In the heading box of the email please write: Submit a story.


  • Please keep posts within about 1000 words.

  • Hit send and feel amazing that your story will be heard and will reach the heart of someone who wants to hear it!

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