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Autism Awareness Picture-I have Autism -

So many memories roll through me and I realize this is who we are: memories and shared experiences. This is what ties us all together. - Carrie Ryan

My name is Erica, and my husband Gregg and I have three amazing sons. Xavier is the oldest, followed by Jaxon, and then Maxim who made our family of 5 complete. We are a typical, busy, and sometimes quite loud group of characters who have a ton of fun and share a lot of love. 

Maxim (Max) was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old, and at the time I was scared of what the future would bring. What would life look like, and how would it change? Would different be as beautiful and full of possibilities as I thought life would be?

Several years later I can say our lives are not only beautiful, but somehow both terrifically ordinary and magnificently different, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Life is definitely not always easy. In fact some days it is downright Hard! But there is nothing like loving my 3 boys and sharing in the experience of raising a child with Autism.

This site was created to share our stories, to connect with others, to bring awareness, and to grow hope, because different is most definitely not less.


At Autism to the Max you will not be judged. We hope you share your story with us as we share ours with you, and we want you to know you are not alone!

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